David Koonar

About Me

  • David Koonar, from Windsor, is a well-known Canadian photographer, especially of nature. Windsor photographers seek out Koonar for his traditional training and years of experience.

    Early Design Education

    Photographer David Koonar moved into design. his design-based photography hasn't changed. He still appreciates simple photographs, especially those taken in nature. Coding cannot duplicate these features.

    Mind Games

    Windsor artist David Koonar is inspired by stories. Having these elements in place is the first step in the creative process. As a result, he frequently captures and freezes live movies. His work is regularly shared on social media. 

    Mechanique emporte.

    Koonar regularly shows novice photographers the value of technique. He prefers to use manual controls over automatic settings. He knows when to utilize different settings to get the best effect and shot quality. Authentic photography necessitates this knowledge. A good photographer is able to consistently produce high-quality photographs rather than relying on faulty computer auto-settings.

    Expected Results

    According to David Koonar's future forecasts, technology will continue to give magnificent tools previously inconceivable. The number of photographers who can manage their equipment manually is dwindling, he believes. Koonar knows technology is always changing. Some, like Windsor's David Koonar, have studied and honed their manual camera skills. The images will show the difference, says Koonar.

    Koonar continues to work in his studio in Windsor, surrounded by nature. His photography is always stunning, as though done for the joy of it.